Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Kung (First set).

Five Basic Standing Exercises

This first set teaches five basic standing meditations of the Flying Phoenix Celestial Healing Chi Meditation system. Through these basic Flying Phoenix standing meditations, you learn  the three cornerstones of qigong:  Shape-form (Xing), Mind or Intent (Yi), and Breath-energy (Chi) method.  The first three standing meditations focus qi development at three tan tiens (chakras or energy centers):  “Monk Gazing At Moon” at the  upper tan tien (third eye or brow chakra), “Monk Holding Peach” at the middle tan tien (heart chakra), “Monk Holding Pearl” at lower tan tien. These are followed by two dynamic moving meditations that concentrate qi and circulate it through the body:  “Bending the Bows” opens and closes the body and mind in synchronicity with nature, mustering energy from the extremities and channeling it into the Conception Vessel (Jen Mo) and Governing Channel (Tu Mo); “Wind Above the Clouds” uses five easy and elegant bending and stretching movements to perfect physical balance and flexibility, strengthening the waist, opening the hips, regulating qi flow to the legs and arms, and ultimately develops frictionless movement of energy.